For Alumni

Before you can login to the Mentor U site, you need to register as a mentor with the program. To register, please hit the "Alumni: Register Now!" button on the homepage. After you have registered, you will receive an email to create your online mentor profile. In this profile, you will set up your login information for future use of the site.

If you have already registered as a mentor and can't remember your password, please hit the "Forgot Password" button. If you can't remember your login email, please contact us.

You may change your login information at any time by logging into the Mentor U site and selecting "Edit Profile" on the sidebar of your Mentor U homepage. The section to change your login information is on the top of page 1.

For Students

Before you can login to the site, you must attend a mandatory orientation, even if you have already registered. You will be given access to the site and instructions on how to set up your login information at the orientation session.

If you haven't registered for the mentoring program, you may do so at the beginning of every academic quarter. If the registration period is open, select the "Students: Register Now!" button at the bottom of the homepage. If registration is not open, you may opt to receive an email of the next registration period by hitting the "Students: Be notified of next session" button on the homepage.